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Anal Fissures




These are painful linear ulcers in the anal canal. Young and middle aged adults most commonly affected. Primary fissure occur in the posterior midline. It can also be secondary to Chrohn’s disease, anal cancer, or infection such as syphilis, TB in which case they occur more lateral. Passage of hard stools is a common predisposition to primary fissures. 


Diagnostic Criteria

  • Severe sharp pain during and after defecation with/out bright red bleeding. PLUS

  • Evidence of linear anal rectal ulceration  on protoscopy examination 


Non-Pharmacological Treatment 

  • Ensure high fluid intake

  • Use non stimulant osmotic  laxatives 


Pharmacological Treatment

Topical anaesthetics and frequent seat baths can reduce sphincter spasm Surgical sphicterotomy is definitive treatment.

Updated on, 2.11.2020


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