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The original idea was founded by Dr. Mangwella S, MD in early 2013, and in 2015 the website was launched as In 2018 the name was abbreviated to which is the current domain. The main purpose was to give health education to the client through the use of Swahili language. In 2021, ULY CLINIC was registered as a Limited company.

About ULY CLINIC Limited

ULY CLINIC Limited is a company registered in Tanzania under company registration act no 12 of 2002. Its main areas of operation are medical and dental practice activities. It currently owns and runs mobile clinic services in Arusha ( also known as ULY CLINIC, or ULY mobile clinic) and a website that gives health education, consultation services, and.


ULY CLINIC Limited company carries others business as a general commercial company, the area of operation include;

  • Medical and dental practice activities,

  • Other human health activities

  • Hospital activities

  • Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

  • Other education

  • Data processing, hosting, and related activities

  • Restaurants and mobile food service activities

  • Non-life insurance

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