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Complete Abortion




Products of conception are completely expelled 


 Diagnostic Criteria

  • Minimal or no PV bleeding 

  • Uterus smaller than dates and often well contracted. Cervix may or may not be closed  


Pharmacological treatment

  • Amoxicillin PO 500 mg 8 hourly for 5 days  


  • Metronidazole PO 400mg 8 hourly for 5 days   


  • Iron + folate (FeFol) one tablet twice daily for 3 months and reassess after every  4 weeks 


If patient is in shock;

  • Shout for help and mobilize resources 

  • Apply ABCD principles of resuscitation 

  • Give IV RL/NS 3liters or more in the first hour 

  • Insert an indwelling urethral catheter

  • Give IV ampicillin 1g and metronidazole 500mg start 

  • Obtain blood for HB, grouping and cross match. 



  • Refer patient to hospital with an escort of a nurse 


Management in a hospital

  • If patient is stable continue as above; if patient is in shock, perform as above and give blood transfusion if indicated  


Pharmacological treatment  

  • Start or continue with IV Ampicillin 1g 6 hourly for 24–48 hours   


  • Metronidazole (IV) 500mg 8 hourly for 24–48 hours


Then change to:  

  • Amoxicillin (PO) 500mg 8hly for 5 days    


  • Metronidazole (PO) 400mg 8hly for 5 days     


  • Iron + Folic acid (Fefol) one table twice daily for 3 months and reassess after every 4 weeks 


Patient Education .

  • Counsell and provide appropriate contraception.

Updated on, 3.11.2020


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