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Other Pains

Other pains may include:

  • Generalized body ache

  • Joint pain

  • Pain due to local infections

  • Pains due to injury

  • Eye pains

  • Ear pains

Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Treatments


For generalized pain give analgesics as in previous section. Advise the patient to rest and make a follow up. For joint, infections, injury, eye and ear pains treat as for main disease. 

CAUTION: Do not use aspirin for abdominal pain or if a patient is vomiting or has nausea and do not use aspirin in children. Patients with peptic ulcers should not be given acetic salicylic acid tablet. 




Refer patients to Tertiary care for:

  • Children with moderate and acute severe pain

  • No response to oral pain control

  • Uncertain diagnosis

  • All acute abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting and no passing of stool

  • Pain requiring definitive treatment for the underlying disease

  • Pain requiring strong opioids

Updated on, 26.10.2020


1. STG page number 3-4

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