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Otitis External


It is an inflammatory condition of the pinna and external auditory meatus. 

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Itchy, dry and scaly ear canal and painful ear

  • There may be a water or purulent discharge, debris and reduced hearing 

  • Pain may become extreme when the ear canal becomes completely occluded with edematous skin and debris. 

Non-Pharmacological Treatment:

  • Exclude an underlying chronic suppurative otitis media before commencing treatment.

  • Do a thorough aural toilet at least once a week (ear suctioning under direct vision).

  • Instruct the patient to thoroughly clean the ear with a dry cotton wick regularly and keep it dry. 

Pharmacological Treatment: 

  • Ciprofloxacin ear drops 3 drops 8 hourly for 7 days

Updated on, 31.10.2020


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