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Pain is the most common symptom of many diseases. It is an unpleasant sensation or emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Any pain of moderate or higher intensity is accompanied by anxiety and the urge to escape or terminate the feeling.

Basically pain can be classified into acute pain which last for few days and chronic pain which last more than

Diagnostic Criteria

Self-report is the key to pain assessment. In non- or pre verbal children, facial expression is the most valid indicator of pain; therefore, use faces pain scale to assess severity.

Pain should be assessed by:

  • Duration

  • Severity, e.g. does the patient wake up because of the pain

  • Site

  • Character, e.g. stabbing, throbbing, crushing, cramp like Persistent or intermittent

  • Relieving or aggravating factors

  • Accompanying symptoms

  • Distribution of pain

  • In children pain can be assessed by child’s crying voice, posture, movement and color

Updated on 10.11.2020


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