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Hypopharyngeal Cancers

Hypopharyngeal Cancers
Hypopharyngeal Cancers


Hypo pharyngeal cancer includes tumors arising from the preform sinus, posterior pharyngeal wall, post cricoid region. It is associated with tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and Plummer–Vinson syndrome. It is mostly seen in patients above 40 years.


Radiation therapy is the mainstay of first-line local treatment for early stage hypo pharyngeal carcinoma. For more advanced disease, concurrent chemo radiation reduces the rate of distant metastasis, and improves local control.

Signs and Symptoms

Diagnostic criteria

• Dysphagia, odynophagia, change in speech (dysarthria), neck mass, referred otalgia, throat pain, weight loss, sensation of mass in throat and hoarseness of voice.


• FPC, RFT, LFT.History
• Hypopharyngoscopy and biopsy and biopsy for histopathology
• Chest X-ray
• CT scan and/or MRI of the neck

Staging: TNM staging system.


  • Pharmacological

  • Non-pharmacological


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