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Adenomatoid tumors (Adenoameloblastoma)
Adenomatoid tumors (Adenoameloblastoma)

Adenomatoid tumors (Adenoameloblastoma)


Is one among the rarest benign odontogenic tumor of the jaw affecting mostly young individuals and more common in female.

Two thirds of the cases occur in the anterior maxilla, one third occur in the anterior mandible, and it is never found posterior to the premolars

Two thirds of the cases are associated with an impacted tooth (usually the cuspid)

Present with mild swelling or in association with a clinically missing tooth

Radiographically: This lesion generally appears as a well-demarcated radiolucency. In 75% of cases, it is associated with an unerupted tooth, usually the canine. It may contain radiopaque flecks, which represent calcified material. If associated with a tooth, it generally attaches to the tooth further apical on the root than the typical dentigerous cyst.


Signs and symptoms

Diagnostic criteria




    Enucleation is curative and recurrence is almost unknown.



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