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Small cell lung cancer

Small cell lung cancer
Small cell lung cancer


SCLC is characterized by early development of widespread of metastases. It is highly sensitive to initial chemotherapy and radiotherapy; however, most patients eventually die of recurrent disease.

Signs and Symptoms

Diagnostic criteria

As in non – small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) however brain scan and bone marrow aspirate are necessary \

Staging: Limited disease versus extensive disease



  • Pharmacological

    Aim is for local control and palliation. Cure rate is low Platinum + Etoposide are the major drugs for which the tumor is sensitive.

    • Cisplatin IV 60 mg/m2 Day 1 + Etoposide IV 100 mg/m2 Day1–3 , Every 3 weeks for 4 –6 cycles
    • Carboplatin IV AUC 5 Day 1 + Etoposide IV 100 mg/m2 Day1–3, every 3 weeks for 4–6 cycles Other available active drugs include irinotecan and gemcitab


    Consolidation to primary site and mediastinum: 50Gy/25F/5weeeks

    • Prophylactic brain irradiation in complete responders
    • Temporary relief of respiratory, bone or CNS symptoms: 30Gy/10F/2wks
  • Non-pharmacological


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