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Typhoid and Paratyphoid




Typhoid  is an acute systemic disease resulting from infection by Salmonella typhi and S.paratyphi, serovar group A and B respectively. Infection is acquired through ingestion of contaminated food and water. 


Diagnostic Criteria 


  • Fever, severe headache, abdominal and muscle pains (myalgia)

  • Delirium, obtundation, intestinal hemorrhage, bowel perforation,  

  • Sequela neuropsychiatric complications Plus 

  • Laboratory evidence of positive cultures from bone marrow aspirates; blood or stool done within 1 week of acute infection OR 

  • Serological evidence of rising high titers above 1:160 (Widal test), OR

  • Indirect fluorescent Vi antibody, ELISA for immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG antibodies to S. Typhi polysaccharide. 


Pharmacological Treatment


  • Ciprofloxacin (PO) 500mg 12 hourly for 10 days 


  • Azithromycin (PO) Adult 500mg for 7 days

Updated on, 2.11.2020


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