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Are you in Arusha town?

When you are at Arusha you can have the following services on diet and exercises to decrease weight and maintain your body as recommended by your doctors from our experienced Professionals  including doctors


We have the following fitness program  for our clients who whats to

1. Decrease weight

2.Decrease and cut off abdominal fat

3.Decrease and alleviate muscle clamps and muscle pain

4.Decrease and alleviate back pain

5.Physiotherapy for stroke patient

6.Physiotherapy for burn patient

7.Just to stay fit

We instruct patient through live class, videos, audios and written materials. We offer the best fitness services and our clients rate them high

We are committed to fitness and diet for making you healthier

You can download and use our app for more updates and information at google play store just type "uly clinic" and click install to have your app on your android phone.

We also offer

Dietary counselling and day to day help on how to prepare a healthier diet for your health needs

Why are you waiting now?

Call us through our mobile number below the website and tell us what you need.

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